Temperature Kiosk + Touchless Questionnaire Pad


  • Accurate Measurement: Infrared temperature measurement under 2 sec, from up to 13″ distance in °F or °C- Meets FDA guidelines for initial body temperature assessment during the Covid-19 Public Health Emergency
  • Health questionnaire: Collect answers to health questions before scanning with state-of-the-art touchless pad. Questions are customizable.
  • Alerts: Sound alerts for high & abnormal temperature. Get text\Email\App notifications for high temperature.
  • Automatic Recording: Records all users temperature & time of scan via facial recognition or RFID scan (ID Badge swipe) in the cloud.
  • Face images with mask: Can capture face images along with temperature and store them safely in the cloud. Works with face covered with face masks 100% of the time. Facial recognition is supported with the cloud account and ONLY WITHOUT MASK
  • Multi-location: Supports multi-location & rooms, web based administration, pdf & excel reports per location or combined.
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All-in-one temperature measurement smart kiosk with a sophisticated system of thermal & distance sensors in addition to an environmental thermometer to deliver an accurate & consistent temperature reading and perform attendance tracking (punch-in & out) in one stop. This latest version of our hardware has a touchless pad at the bottom that enables users to answer covid health questions before they do a scan. The questions are customizable [Requires some graphics work]

Meets the FDA guidelines for initial body temperature assessment during the Covid-19 Public Health Emergency

Supports identifying users using facial recognition or RFID cards (Requires a cloud account – Free for up to 20 users)


Main function: Touchless temperature scanning, attendance recording & health questions answers collection, with or without a face mask.

Identification: Supported via RFID (NFC)  [ID Badge /Key fob/Bracelet Swipe] & facial recognition –> Requires a cloud account

Unit: °Celsius or °Fahrenheit

Accuracy: ±0.45°F

Distance: 4″ to 13″

Triggering method: Automatically detects human via the LiDAR distance sensor, no touch required. Or by Swiping RFID card

Installation: Mounted on wall (Wall mount included), or hung on standard VESA mount stand (Sold separately)

Suitable for: Office, factories, warehouses, schools, health clubs, gyms, hair salons …etc.

Reporting: Via the www.SmileMe.In Online portal which is free for up to 20 users. Produce temperature, attendance and health questions reports in PDF or Excel

Multi-language: Supported

Multi-location: Supports multi-locations & rooms. You can connect multiple device to the same cloud account to greater value.

Abnormal Temperature Alert: Visual, sound, Text (SMS), Email and phone app alerts

Customizable: Many features are customizable with varying complexity, such as: alert sound, health questions, acceptable distance, temperature ranges. Call us if you need additional features or customizations.


Package list:

  1. Smart Kiosk Unit with 10.2″ IPS Display x 1
  2. Wall mount kit x 1
  3. Wired USB Mouse to configuration x 1
  4. 110v/220v Power Adaptor x 1 (DC)
  5. 1 year warranty



Skin temperature is typically a few degrees less than actual body temperature. Our smart kiosk uses an advanced infrared thermometer, to provide an estimated body temperature along with an environment sensor for better accuracy.

This smart thermal scanner should not be used to diagnose or exclude diagnosis of COVID-19 or any other disease or condition.



Additional information

Weight 2.6 kg
Dimensions 20 × 12 × 4 cm


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